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Autocomplete Google contacts in Vim with Goobook

goobook vim mutt vimscript

For many years I’ve been using mutt to read and send email. I stumbled across a post about how to hook up Vim and Goobook to autocomplete Google Contacts when composing email. The original Vim plugin called out to additional programs to transform Goobook output to the format appropriate for Vim autocompletion. Wanting to learn more about Vimscript I decided to port as much as possible over to native Vimscript. Read on to learn more about how to get this set up for yourself!


Setting up Postfix and Dovecot to play nicely with mutt, mbox, Maildir and FreeBSD

mutt maildir reebsd dovecot email imap freebsd sieve postfix

I’m one of two people I’m aware of who still runs their own e-mail servers. I do this for a multitude of reasons, mostly because I love mutt and nothing else quite stacks up to it. Running a local mail server with mutt reading a local inbox is relatively simple. I run Postfix and it gets the job done with relatively little configuration. However, if you’d like to check mail remotely, and not rely on ConnectBot to SSH into your ARP Networks VPS, you’ll have to venture into the world of IMAP servers.


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