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It's Always DNS

dns monitoring gke coredns kubernetes grafana

There’s a joke among sysadmins: it’s always DNS. DNS is an integral part of the modern internet. It often works and therefore nobody ever thinks about it. But when it doesn’t work, weird things happen — and nobody ever thinks about DNS. Even when they know it’s always DNS. Recently I had my own “it’s always DNS” moment, and I figured I’d share my experience here so that maybe you’ll remember: it’s always DNS.


Budget GKE deployment

kubernetes gke google-cloud

In an effort to better understand Kubernetes, the need to stand up monitoring infrastructure, and the desire to reduce the burden of maintaining a MySQL instance, I decided to check out Google’s GKE offering. As I’d be using this for hosting personal projects, I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. This, plus latency to my ARP Networks VPSes, is why I chose GKE over other cloud providers.


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